Whatcha Makin' Now?: Easy Biscuit Waffles


Monday, February 23, 2015

Easy Biscuit Waffles

Easy Biscuit Waffles using a tube of biscuits!

I'm a proud new owner of a Double Deep Fryer from Ginny's. Even more exciting, I'll be working with Ginny's and developing a recipe for their upcoming eBook. More on that in the coming weeks. But I'm SUPER excited.

But before I focus on recipe development I had to break in the fryer, naturally. Jacob and I looked at each other and both said: Chicken and Waffles. But not any Chicken and Waffles. It's a recipe a made awhile back with biscuit waffles and a take your breath away maple mayo. Yes, sauce can take your breath away. Trust me.

I really wanted to focus my attention on the chicken frying so I decided to try a cheat. And it worked!

I took a package of biscuits, put one at a time into my waffle maker, cooked to my liking and BAM! I have Biscuit Waffles!

I do recommend making them the day of; they were a little tough day two.

I have big plans for these new found cheat. Can anyone say Biscuit Waffles and Gravy!!

Easy Biscuit Waffles using a tube of biscuits!

Easy Biscuit Waffles using a tube of biscuits!

Easy Biscuit Waffles

1 tube of biscuits, any kind (I like Aldi's Bake House brand)
Waffle Maker

Heat waffle maker according to manufacturing directions. Lightly butter waffle maker. Place one biscuit onto the waffle maker and close. Cook to your liking - light brown or darker brown.

Remove from the waffle maker and continue with remaining biscuits.

Serving Suggestions:
Serve with Chicken n' Waffles, Biscuits and Gravy, with butter and jelly (like a biscuit), or with butter and syrup (like waffles).

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