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About Me

Whatcha Makin' Now? started as a food blog in 2011 and has grown into a place to share recipes, my love for Kansas City, current MTV shows I can't believe I still watch and much more. 

The name is courtesy of my husband, Jacob. Every time I reach for the flour and sugar or the computer I hear him say, “Whatcha Makin’ Now?”. He always asks, but he knows that I'm either working on a new recipe, dinner plans at a new place or plotting our next adventure. 

Aside from my blog, we live in Kansas City. I work full-time at a Real Estate office as a Marketing Manager. Jacob is an amazing Chiropractor - I'm so thankful for my regular adjustments! Our dog, Henry, keeps us busy and entertained at home. You'll see Mr. Henry quite often here and on social media (#thatdoggiehenry).

I love social media and marketing almost as much as I loves chocolate chip cookies. Instagram is by far my favorite social media channel – join me as I bake and explore @cfanders.


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