Whatcha Makin' Now?: Hale Navy Master Bedroom Reveal


Monday, February 8, 2016

Hale Navy Master Bedroom Reveal

I finally finished our master bedroom refresh. We LOVE how it turned out! The Hale Navy is the perfect blue and really dark and moody, like we wanted. Because it is so much darker, I opted for white curtains, white duvet, lamps and light artwork to balance it all out.

The Target app and Red Card make it way too easy to buy things (as you'll see in my source list). Jacob did remind me that using the Red Card doesn't make it free. Huh, weird. A lot of these items were bought from my phone while I watched Real Housewives. Magical.

When I picked up the lamps I was nervous they would be too big. But I actually really love the size and they give off great light.

Our walls were tan before; I was floored at how much more the bed and bedside tables pop with the navy walls.

I really like the pops of color from the throw pillows, art above the bed and the fun throw. I'm not crazy about our carpet but we're still a few years out from replacing so it will work for now.

I'm super excited to share the after pictures! Keep scrolling for source list.

Next up: the master bathroom.

Wedding Photos: Printed via Walgreens. Custom mats from American Frame
Canvas Art: Easy Canvas Prints
Lamps: Target
Lamp Shades: Target
Duvet: Target
Down Comforter: Target
Sheets: Target
Blanket: Target
Double Curtain Rod: Crate & Barrel 
Curtains: Target
Blackout Curtains: Target
Bed Side Tables: A couple years old from Pier 1, similar
Bed: My deal finder dad picked this up for us at an auction, similar

Hale Navy Master Bedroom - dark and moody, pops for color