Whatcha Makin' Now?: Monster Cookie Dough Brownies


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Monster Cookie Dough Brownies

More on the brownies in a minute...

I now know how a mom feels leaving her child at daycare for the first time.  We are preparing for a vacation next month and we’ll have to board our doggie, Henry, for a week.  In an effort to get him used to being in that setting we took him to doggie daycare.  He got the whole day to play with other dogs.  Last Friday was his first time going.  I’d been telling him all week that he’s going on an adventure and will make doggie friends.  (I like to think he completely understand me, but probably thinks I’m crazy.)

So Friday morning he jumped right into the car when prompted.  He was acting like his normal self, however, I was nervous as all get out!  After a quick drive we were at the Pet Ranch.  We got out of the car and immediately heard other dogs barking.  Henry was very interested and pulled me to the front door.  We were greeted by 2 staff members; one to check us in and one to take Henry.  Henry happily, with his whole butt wagging, followed the nice man (without giving me a second look……).  The other staff member made sure she had all of Henry’s information, vet record, etc and sent me on my way.

I knew he is in great hands, but I almost teared up driving away.  I know, I’m a nerd.  I was just thinking – I hope the other dogs like him, I hope he thinks this is fun.  I thought about Henry all day and couldn’t wait to pick him up.  I walked in and immediately peaked through the window – I could see him just running around and playing.  The staff went to ‘round him up’ to go home.  I was expecting him to bust through the doors and pounce on me…no such luck.  He came out, tongue hanging, and happy as can be and just looked at me like “let’s go home”.  I could tell he was tuckered out.  The staff said Henry was great!  He  is very social, played well with others, and was well behaved.  I was a happy mom.  (Again, I’m a nerd.)

But look at this face - who wouldn't like this dog?

Maybe the trial was more for me, but I now know he will be in good hands and have a good time at ‘camp’ when we go on vacation.  Another perk – Henry was much calmer Friday evening and even over the weekend.  All that playing wore him out!

Onto the food….

Yes, those are brownies with Monster Cookie Dough Frosting.  You should probably make these immediately.

A few weeks ago I made Monster Cookie Dough Dip and it was a hit.  So why not make it again and put it on brownies?  Makes sense to me.

Nothing tricky but the finished product is fudgey cookie goodness.

  • Make your favorite brownie recipe of even a box mix.  I made a box mix and baked in a jelly roll pan so that the brownies would be thinner.  But a 9 x 13 would also work.  
  • Make the dip as directed.  
  • Once the brownies have cooled, cut into small squares and top with a spoonful of dip.  
  • That's it! This makes for an easy to eat treat.  I stored in the frig overnight and then put at room temperature shortly before serving.  
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