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Monday, July 21, 2014

Vacation Pics

I'm back! Vacation was amazing and so was my little blogcation. I'm still editing our parasailing video...stay tuned.

I'll be back tomorrow with a SUPER sweet recipe, Snickers Brownies. Your head might explode when you see them.

We spent about a week at Lake of the Ozarks. We rented a house on a quiet cove fully equipped with a dock for easy swimming and fishing, deck for relaxing, and kitchen for cooking all of our meals. We didn't eat out at all; we planned our menu and took turns serving. Lucky for me my sister loved doing dishes.

Now for the pictures....

This. My mom captured this moment of Granster helping my dad fish. The hug around the leg, the batman costume. It's my favorite.

Little Batman with Uncle Jake.

Panning for gold at Bridal Caves.

The guys taking us for a cruise around the lake.
Love my main squeeze.

Loved every moment of Parsailing. We were SO high!

Dipping our toes in before the landing. Love my mom's face. 

The after shot: we survived!

I can't wait to post the video!

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