Whatcha Makin' Now?: #HolidayVoxBox from @Influenster


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

#HolidayVoxBox from @Influenster

If you follow me on twitter or instragram you probably saw that I received my first Inflenster VoxBox before Christmas. I was pretty excited to see free stuff sitting by my front door! Here is a review of the items in the box.


NYC New York Color Liquid Lipshine - $2.49
I really really like this lipshine! I talked about it more over here. I’m not a huge lipstick user simply because I’m constantly drinking water or pop. But this lipshine is not sticky and doesn’t rub right off. It also smells amazing! I would buy this product again in a heartbeat!  

Quaker® Real Medleys Oatmeal - $1.79 per cup
My oatmeal was Peach and Almond. It was easy to make and the peach chucks were delicious! This is a nice easy breakfast option and I would buy it again. I did prepare by the recommend method of pouring hot/boiling water into the container and letting it set for 3 minutes. It cooked up nicely and was thick and not watery.  

EBOOST® - $28.00 for box of 20 packets
My flavor packet was Pink Lemonade. The directions say to add to 12 ounces of water but I opted for closer to 18 ounces. I do drink of fair amount of Crystal Light and always add more than the recommended amount of water so it’s not soooo strong. I tried this at work in the afternoon, when I normally turn to a pop with caffeine. The powder bubbled up and dissolved very quickly. I liked the flavor and drank it all. And, I didn’t need a pop like I normally do! I also liked that the powder didn’t settle in the bottom of my cup; it stayed mixed. I do think I would have to drink this for a few days to really see the benefit but I would give it another try.  

Not my favs:

Kiss® Nail Dress - $6.99
These are basically like stick on nails but more of a flexible vinyl like material. I saw other styles of this product via pictures on Instagram and the enclosed directions that were much cuter than the ones in my box. But I’m not complaining – free is always nice! I don’t usually do my nails but I did test the application process. It did go on easily, but with short nails I found that filing off the excess made the edge look kind of sloppy. I think with longer nails it would work better. 

Goody® QuickStyle Brush (Half Round Styler) - $11.99
I’m pretty particular with my hair. I have long, straight, thick hair. It usually takes me about 7-10 minutes to dry every morning so when I saw that this brush could save time I was intrigued. However, the directions recommend using the brush as you are drying and I’m soooo not good at that; I don’t even understand how hairdressers do it. The directions did say you could use it for detangling when wet so I tried that method. The brush is plastic and fairly light. I felt like it actually pulled my hair more than the paddle brush I use every day ever has. I think for $12 I was expecting a little better quality. I like the idea of microfibers within the brush, but I think I’ll stick to my paddle brush from Avada. It’s the best.   But I'm still a goody® fan! I only use their black hair ties. Love them.

Montagne Jeunesse Face Masks – under $2.00
I thought this was a smoothie sample until I read the package. I love a good face mask. It’s an easy way to relax and treat yourself to a little spa time right at home. The mask was easy to apply, felt nice, and smelled yummy. After 15 minutes it was easy to wash off. I didn't notice much 'deep clean' difference in my skin; more just like my normal face wash.

I had so much fun testing these products. Maybe you'll give a couple of these a try too! What products have your tried lately that you loved or didn't care much for?