Whatcha Makin' Now?: Making Tim the Toolman Taylor Proud, Part 4


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Making Tim the Toolman Taylor Proud, Part 4

We finally came to a consensus on our garage wall organizing method – the Rubbermaid Fast Track system.  You simply buy the track and then any hooks you need.  I liked that we can always buy additional hooks as our needs change.  We can even install more tracks.  Plus we figured the Rubbermaid name has been around for a while and the risk of it being discontinued is slim. 

Before we ran to Lowes for the system, we laid out the items we planned to hang up to gage the length and number of hooks we would need.  This also helped us eye-ball the height we would need to install the track to keep the items from hitting the ground or brick part of the wall. 

We ended up purchasing 3 tracks, 6 multipurpose hooks (cheapest ones), 1 weed whacker hook, and 2 bike hooks.  We purchased a separate ladder hook but more on that in a minute.  Our total cost was about $110.00.  Those little hooks add up but the space saving is well worth it! 

I really like how the tracks were made – heavy duty metal with lots of holes so you can ensure you secure to the studs.  (PS - Every time Jacob asked for the stud finder I would point to him and say – I found my stud!)  The black part is heavy plastic and just clips right over the metal after it’s installed. 

Once the first track was secured and level the other 2 were a breeze to install.  We just lined up and drilled those puppies in.  I left Jacob to the hooking and hanging as I had to finish up making a Pumpkin Cheesecake for a co-worker.  But the hooks just pop right onto the track.    

I came back to the finished product and might have jumped for joy a little bit.  It’s so nice to have the items up and out of the way.

We opted for a different bracket for the ladder and tucked it in the space next to the garage door.  I’m glad Jake thought of it; it’s a way to use wall space that really would have been wasted. 

We also moved the rest of the junk from the living room back to the garage so I have my living room back.  Yippy!  But now that project is just staring me in the face.  Time to buy paint samples. 

The last area is the ‘work zone’ along the back wall.  Jacob needs to decide on a work bench/tool chest and then get that all organized.  I’m guessing we’ll hang peg board along the back wall too. 

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