Whatcha Makin' Now?: Making Tim the Toolman Taylor Proud, Part 3


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Making Tim the Toolman Taylor Proud, Part 3

I’m back with a garage makeover update.  Remember during phase 2 I realized how ugly the stairs were?  Well, we fixed that little issue!

We tossed around removing the stairs all together and making new, but then realized with no epoxy under the stairs we would really have to build the same thing.  We know our DIY limits so we decided to just make some cosmetic changes at this point.  J

We treated the stairs like the cement base of the walls; we primed with a sealer and then painted the stairs to match the gray of the floor.  I was really concerned about how the paint would hold up with continued use so we picked up rubber stair treads to act as a mat.  I actually really liked the look of the stair treads so it was a win-win!  They are tacked down with finish nails so it is easy to remove them to clean if needed.


With Primer

We also decided to paint the door trim, banister, and hand railing white.  We went with a high-gloss paint to keep it easy to clean.  We also changed out the gold hardware to silver. 

Oh and looky here.…we even bought a storage shelve!  Jacob wants to ‘plan’ more before we just buy a bunch of storage pieces.  Not really how I work, but that is what I love about him, and it keeps us from over spending.  I did, however, pick up a few plastic baskets on clearance at Bed Bath & Beyond.  They keep our ‘car stuff’ and ‘utility stuff’ together without being an eye sore.    
Sorry for poor picture; cars were both in the garage.

We also cleaned up ‘grandma’s attic’….that is Jacob’s name for that cubby storage area.  It was just bare wood so we also primed with sealer and painted to match the floor.  It’s just a storage area, but since we had paint left over we figured we might as well have it look nice.

This really feels like the project that never ends.  But we finally have all the junk back in the garage and an empty living room again.  Now, who wants to come paint and decorate our living room…for free?  Anybody?  

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