Whatcha Makin' Now?: Organized Kitchen Utensils


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Organized Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen utensil drawer = my nemesis.  It’s one deep and wide drawer and everything is just thrown in, no method, just madness.  I don’t function this way.  I hate it.  And I cringe when I go to get a serving spoon and it’s caught up and prevents you from even opening the drawer so you’re left trying to bend your hand in ways that only a contortionist would do to get your stupid serving spoon.  Gurr.

Over the past 3-4 months I’ve been in search of a solution.  I knew the little containers they make for utensils would not work for me; they would just take up valuable space.  I stumbled onto spring loaded dividers and I think I heard angels sing.  So now I had to find ones that would fit.  Bed Bath & Beyond carried a few styles.  I grabbed one that I thought would work perfect over my lunch break one day.  No luck – it was too tall.  The next day I returned it and got another style.  No luck – too short for the drawer.  Now at this point, you’re probably saying – “Chelsea, why didn’t you measure the drawer?” – that would have made too much sense and be too easy.    

So I was back to square one.  Until a few weeks later and a trip to Marshalls/HomeGoods.  I was scoping the kitchen section when I spotted spring loaded drawer dividers that were long and only a few inches tall.  The angels were singing again!  I still didn’t measure the drawer but I was confident they would fit.  And for $9.99 for 2 dividers the price was more than right.  They only had 2 sets so I grabbed both and bolted for the checkout.  I ran home, unloaded a little section of the drawer and they were a perfect fit!

My world, and utensil drawer, now has a method and no madness.  I so enjoyed organizing the drawer and every time I open it I smile.  Seriously, I do.            

I’m thinking about using the other set of dividers in my spice drawer but I’m really hoping to stumble onto one of those drawer inserts for spices instead.  That would be magical.

What organizing dilemma have you faced lately, or conquered?