Whatcha Makin' Now?: Apple Pie Cupcakes


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Apple Pie Cupcakes

Bake Sales are one of my weaknesses.  I always love to see what people make and how they present their goods.  And, baking for a bake sale is just as much fun!  We are in the middle of our company United Way fundraising.  On Monday we had our big event with a bake sale, lunch, and live auction.   

The live auction was a new event.  We had all kinds of items to auction; handmade scarfs, Halloween decorations, wine gift cards, restaurant gift cards, and baked goods.  I had already volunteered to bring in a dessert for the bake sale/lunch so instead of making 2 different things I decided to donate my time.  I made up 2 coupons for a future baked good.  I specified the recipe so I could somewhat control my own costs and make something that I hopefully knew would be yummy. 

Here are the little coupons: 

Oh, and, now you know what 2 future recipe posts will be!  The Monster Cookies went for $20.00 and the Caramel Pretzel Brownies for $30.00.  Not too shabby!    

Back to the bake sale.  My co-worker, Valerie, created a board on Pinterest called ‘Chelsea Could Make This’.  I know, she’s a funny one.  I’ve yet to make something from that board until now.  I decided to go with the Apple Pie Cupcakes.  I thought fall/Halloween…those will be perfect!  Plus apple pie is another one of my weaknesses.   

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter I started to regret my decision.  I had been out of town all weekend and this recipe was a little involved, nothing crazy just a little more time than your normal cupcakes.  But I pushed though and it was worth it.  The cupcakes were a hit!

And thanks to Lisa Storms, I had a cute way to package the treats.

The Apple Pie Cupcake recipe came from Sarah Cupcake.  I wouldn't change one thing in her recipe.  It was fantastic!  But I do want to share a few tips to help you.
  • The cupcakes consist of cake, apple filling, and frosting so keep in mind the 3 different components. 
  • Don’t be intimidated; there are a few steps but they come together easily. 
  • The cupcakes call for brown butter and Sarah give a quick way to brown butter in the microwave.  The brown butter does need to be cooled before it’s added to the cupcake batter.  My recommendation: when you put out all your butter (you’ll need about 5 sticks) to soften make your brown butter.  This will give it enough time to cool before adding it to the cupcake batter. 
  • The recipe calls for Cake Flour.  I’m cheap. I didn't want to buy different flour so I used my Substitution Chart and used All Purpose Flour instead.  Simply take OUT 2 tablespoons from each cup of flour.    
  • Cut your apples into smaller chunks keeping in mind they will be in the middle of the yummy cupcake.
  • You might think the frosting sounds weird, but it was delicious!  It's the perfect amount of sweetness for the buttery cake and apples.       
  • I did double the recipe without any issues too!  

Please visit Sarah Cupcake for the full Apple Pie Cupcake recipe.  You won’t be disappointed!