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Monday, August 31, 2015

Brunch at Beer Kitchen

Last week I shared my love for Wunderlist and how I'm using it to try new things in Kansas City. Last weekend Jacob and I started the fun by visiting Beer Kitchen for Sunday Brunch.

First of all - I love that their brunch is from 9:00 to 4:00 on Saturday and Sunday. This is a huge bonus for those late risers. And, they make their own ketchup? Yes, please.

Beer Kitchen is in Westport, MO. It's a fun area and that has many restaurants I need to try.

Side story - my parents actually had their first date in Westport at Kelly's when my mom was teaching in KC right out of college and my dad was working in town. Kelly's is across the street from Beer Kitchen.

We opted for a late brunch thinking it wouldn't be so busy. The wait was still about 30 minutes at 1:00...which is a sign that the food is good in my opinion. They use a text service/app to keep you updated on your place in line; Westport is a really walk-able area with shops so easy to pass the time.

I went in knowing I was going to order the Chicken and Waffle Dinner. The description got me.
Cornflake-crusted oven-fried chicken breast, maple-mustard marinade, cheddar-bacon-chive waffle, chicken pan gravy, maple syrup.
I've made Chicken and Waffles with the maple mayo and love the flavor combo.

Jacob opted for a traditional burger and fries. The beef is from a local butcher shop, McGonigle's, and is a custom blend of beef brisket, short rib & chuck tenderloin. Yum.

You definitely should plan to enjoy one of their many beers with your meal. I was super happy to see the number of sweet beers they had on hand. Very much something for everyone.

The food was delicious. The chicken was so juicy and waffle was savory. With the maple syrup it was a perfect mix. Needless to say, I didn't have any leftovers.

Jacob loved the brioche bun and said the burger was perfectly cooked. He regretted not getting the truffle parmesan fries but still enjoyed the originals.

The verdict: We definitely want to go back again. I'd like to go back for dinner and enjoy a few drinks while we dine. I have my eye on the smokestack burger, short rib grilled cheese, build your own mac and cheese and truffle parmesan fries. I'd also like to go back for brunch with my girls and try the drunken donuts and biscuits and gravy.

Beer Kitchen
435 Westport Rd, Kansas City, MO
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  1. I love going to Westport for dinner, but I haven't tried any of the places for brunch. Those chicken and waffles look amazing though, so that may be our next brunch spot!


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