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Monday, September 7, 2015

Henry Approved.

I'm writing this post from the beach in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. This is the first big trip Jacob and I have taken since we got married. We're into day 2 and we are very relaxed.

Henry Fanders - French Brittney - #ThatDoggieHenry on SM - whatchamakinnow.com

While we're on vacay Henry is on his own vacay at the Pet Ranch - we like to call it his spa vacation. We are so lucky to have such a great place to leave him and know that he's in great hands.

So I've dubbed today Henry day and I'm sharing some Henry Approved treats that you need to buy for your tough pup.

2 things to know about Henry:
  1. Henry will eat anything once but won't beg for a yucky treat. 
  2. Henry will destroy anything so we have to have indestructible toys. 
Henry Fanders - French Brittney - #ThatDoggieHenry on SM - whatchamakinnow.com

I love that these are small pieces so great for training or just a little treat to praise Henry when he does listen. Henry hears the words "venison treat" and he's at immediate attention. Henry did get a free sample of these from his friends at Chewy.com but we would definitely buy them again.

Henry has been taking Pet-Tabs since he was born. The breeder recommended them to us as he used them for his dogs. I just put one in Henry's dinner each night and he eats it with his food. I know the importance of vitamins for humans so why wouldn't our dogs need them too? I think this is what keeps Henry's fur so soft and helps him stay his healthy active self. The nice thing is you can by a 365 container and you're set for the year!

So these are basically like chocolate chip cookies except instead of chocolate chips you have jerky chips. The cookies do look like bite sized cookies - in shape and texture. They are oven-baked jerky chip cookies made with quality ingredients - no corn, wheat or soy, and made in the good ole USA!
This was another sample from Chewy.com but pretty sure if I don't order more Henry will learn how to use a computer and order them on his own.

We learned early on that Henry can destroy toys almost immediately - he's definitely a heavy chewer. We now only by Nylabones. He honestly has like 20 of them, for real. While stepping on a Nylabone with bare feet hurts like a mother and will make you curse the things, Henry loves them. He's not picky - chicken, beef, peanut butter or bacon - he'll take them all. They are much cheaper to buy on Amazon, just make sure you buy the right size bone. I've bought a couple that were for small dogs on accident. This one though, is just his size?

Henry Fanders - French Brittney - #ThatDoggieHenry on SM - whatchamakinnow.com

Good ol' Tennis Balls

Tennis balls are cheap so it's okay if they are destroyed. This is Henry's go-to for fetching. We usually have 5 tennis balls in rotation and as he brings one back, we throw another, and so on - like a pitching machine. It's a great way to tire him out. We usually buy them at Target but you can get them on Amazon too. I need to get it on video, but Henry loves to break the tennis ball so that he can just squeeze it in his mouth - it's the silliest thing.

Henry Fanders - French Brittney - #ThatDoggieHenry on SM - whatchamakinnow.com

What's your pup loving? Any recommendations for tough chewier like Henry? 

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