Whatcha Makin' Now?: Kitchen Makeover - Install Day!


Monday, May 9, 2016

Kitchen Makeover - Install Day!

This is part two of #WMNKitchenMakeover thanks to my friends at Nebraska Furniture Mart and Whirlpool. Here's part one if you're just joining us.

I left you hanging with our final decision and I'm SO excited to reveal. I won't make me wait a second more. We chose the Whirlpool Ice Collection in White. Gah, aren't they pretty?!

We loved that they were white, but had a more modern look with the stainless steel accents and smooth white finish. We had such good luck with our old Whirlpool appliances and thought this collection was really a step up from what we had.

See full product details on NFM.com:

Once we finalized our purchase with Nebraska Furniture Mart they ordered the appliances. I HATE waiting so I really appreciated they gave us a delivery time frame so we knew when to expect delivery.

It was less than two weeks and I got the call to set up delivery. My days can be a little crazy but I was able to pick a time that worked best for me and my schedule. Once the day was locked in, NFM called 24-48 hours before the delivery date to give a time frame. And, they called when they are on their way.

I was absolutely gitty when that big ol' NFM truck pulled up to our house. The delivery guys were super nice and professional. They reviewed the items they were delivering, took at look at our kitchen, and got to work. I found out later they were brothers - they did work really well together.

They were very careful and respectful of our home. They cleaned up as they worked and had these long heavy-duty plastic pieces to protect our flooring when they removed the old and installed the new.

As they installed each appliance they tested each to make sure it was working properly. I knew the refrigerator would be the heaviest. Lucky for the guys the doors were separate pieces but it still looked super heavy. This is when I said in my head - thank goodness for delivery!

Once everything was installed they gave me a rundown of how to use each, reviewed paperwork and made sure I didn't have questions.

All in all it took just a little over two hours. Once they left I literally just stared at the new appliances. It's crazy how new appliances change the whole look of your space.

We are so happy with our decision! The refrigerator gives us so much more space, the stove and microwave cook things faster, and the dishwasher runs super quiet.

Next week, I'm breaking them all in with a new recipe and talking more about my favorite features. Stay tuned!

Let's look a few before and after shots...

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This series is sponsored by Nebraska Furniture Mart and Whirlpool but all opinions are are my own.