Whatcha Makin' Now?: Things I'm currently obsessed with.


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Things I'm currently obsessed with.

I've mentioned it before, but I tend to find things I like and then I become obsessed. Past obsessions include Hart of Dixie (so sad it's not being renewed), Twice and Sam Hunt.

Lately I'm really loving...

Discounted Easter candy. Hold a place for me in line, Walgreen's. I'll be right there. And please let there be a few Cadbury eggs left.

Inked. I love sending my friends and family cards, but I've been horrible about getting them out on time and it drives me crazy. I heard about Ink at a conference and decided to give it a whirl. You can custom design postcards with and without photos and send them right from your phone! Genius. You can also schedule cards so when my reminders pop in I pull up the app, design the post card, pick when I want it to arrive and send. You do need to purchase credits, but it comes to about $2.00 per card. I figure the cost of a card (always Hallmark) and stamp, I'm saving money. I will say I will probably send more because of the ease of use. But when is it a bad thing to send "too many" sweet notes to your friends and family?
Sweet Potato Chips from Aldi. They are so good. We bought them once just to try, but I'm hooked. They have just the right sweetness but with all the salt and crunch of a regular chip. So good.

Gossip Girl. Now that I'm caught up with Hart of Dixie, my sister convinced me to start Gossip Girl. It's a perfect show to watch while on the treadmill. It's made me do a 2 hour walk more than once.


Jawbone - UP24. I've been wanting a step counter and finally broke down and bought one. After reviewing the different brands, I decided on the UP24 by Jawbone. It's Bluetooth enabled so app updates regularly. It tracks your sleep, which is super interesting. It also lets you set reminders and vibrates when you've been sitting too long. It hooks up with My Fitness Play for my food tracking too. It's really made me realize how active I am each day and pushes me to go for walks with Henry or hope on the treadmill at the end of the day. 


What have you been obsession over lately? I'd love to hear!