Whatcha Makin' Now?: 31 Birthday Cakes for My Birthday


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

31 Birthday Cakes for My Birthday

Happy Birthday to Me!

To help me celebrate my birthday, let's look at lots and lots of super fancy and delicious cakes! 31 cakes, to be exact, 1 for each of my 31 years!

(Get your scrolling finger ready, this is a long post.)

31 Birthday Cake Recipes perfect for any birthday party! #reciperoundup
I have a vacation day today so I have big plans to RELAX and catch up on my TV shows and blog reading - my idea of a PERFECT day! Jacob and I are going to dinner and maybe a movie later tonight too!

Oh, and the painters are here painting my living room so that is probably the best present ever. Pictures to come later.

Now for the cake....

Please note: None of these photos belong to me but I did get permission from each wonderful blogger to include their yummy recipe and picture in this blog post. If you want to pin a specific image, please click on the link provided under each image to visit it's original source. If you want to pin this collection as a whole, feel free to pin the collage image above!