Whatcha Makin' Now?: 2 Things...Paint and a New Couch!


Friday, July 26, 2013

2 Things...Paint and a New Couch!

1. YEAHHHH, we bought paint for our living room!! Sherwin Williams had their big 40% off sale so the timing was perfect. We also decided that we are going to repaint the trim work before the painter comes. It's not in bad shape, but we're afraid after we have fresh paint on the walls the trim will look old. More to come on this project in the coming weeks!

2. In the midst of our painting project, Jacob decided we needed to get a new couch in our family room (where we spend all our time). We purchased our current couch from a friend who was moving for $50.00 and we knew it wouldn't be around forever. Our new couch comes today! I'll post a picture on Facebook once it's all moved in! I can not wait!

Oh - there is still time to enter the massive giveaway I shared yesterday. Here's the information.

Cheers to the weekend! :)