Whatcha Makin' Now?: 2 Things.....More Prison Break and a New Job


Friday, March 1, 2013

2 Things.....More Prison Break and a New Job

1. We are into season 3 of Prison Break. Scofield is back in prison, but now he's trying to break someone else out. Please no spoilers!! I'm not even googling anything Prison Break until we are done with the show. I'm still really liking it but I'm kinda sad they killed off a few cast members. Some of it is getting a liiiiiiitle far fetched, but o'well!

Picture Source: Meg....all things me

2. I recently took on a new role at work and I'm loving it! I'm back to helping real estate agents with technology, social media, and their marketing tools. One of the best parts about about working in the real estate industry is the people; each person is so different from the other and I just love getting to know them and how they run their real estate business. 

What's new in your world? Big plans for the weekend?

Oh, by the way...it's March! How did that happen!?!? Enjoy your weekend!!