Whatcha Makin' Now?: Whatcha Doin’ Now?: Making Tim the Toolman Taylor Proud, Phase 1


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Whatcha Doin’ Now?: Making Tim the Toolman Taylor Proud, Phase 1

We moved into our first home in November 2011.  In late Spring I got the bright idea that we should repaint our garage, do that cool speckled epoxy flooring, and get a nice work bench and fun storage.  And even better, Jacob was totally all for it.  We plan to make Tim the Tool Man Taylor proud!

We started by moving all of the tools into our living room. Which sounds crazy, but we don’t have that many tools and our living room is currently empty.  (The living room is on the docket for later this year.)  But then it was 100+ degrees pretty much every day going forward so the project was on hold. [womp womp]

Finally it cooled off enough for us to paint the walls and prep the cement base wall.  Here are pictures from Phase 1.  The walls were SO dirty and now its so crisp and clean looking.  It smells much better too!

It took nearly 3 gallons of paint just to do the walls.  Luckily it only took 1 coat.  For the cement base of the walls, we had to do a cement sealer prior to painting it to match the future pewter colored floor.

Phase 2 will hopefully happen this weekend.  We need to touch up any missed spots on the walls, paint the ceiling (dreading that), and prep the floors.

Phase 3 will be the floor!  I’m super excited for that!  We are doing an Epoxy Kit from Sherwin Williams in a pewter color with blue/gray/white/black sprinkles.

Phase 4 will be final touches and organizing!  I already have my eye on the work bench, shelving, and overall ‘look’.  Here is my inspiration board on Pinterest.  Seriously, what did we do before Pinterest!?!?