Whatcha Makin' Now?: Lemon Cupcakes with Raspberry Frosting


Friday, February 10, 2012

Lemon Cupcakes with Raspberry Frosting

Just in time for Valentine’s Day! These cupcakes are pretty darn good. The tart raspberry frosting is a perfect complement to the lemon cake. Knowing that my office would probably have gobs of sweets next week, I decided to take these in pre-V Day. They were nearly gone within a couple hours, so that is a good sign your friends and family will enjoy them too.

I’ve talked a bit about updating my kitchen and I’m finally ready to reveal the finished product! We went with a blue, gray, and yellow color scheme. It now feels like OUR kitchen and so much warmer and welcoming. 

I have a fun and busy weekend ahead. My sister-in-law and nephew are in town. We’ve already visited the park (short visit, pretty chilly) and a little shopping at Target. Tomorrow – home décor shopping and Bass Pro to meet Troy and Jacob from, the hit show, (well, a hit show to us) Swamp People. It should be interesting day. Jacob is also off work this weekend so that makes it even better! 

Well, off to hang with the fam. Thanks for stopping by! 

Lemon Cupcakes with Raspberry Frosting
Adapted from Babble.com posting

1 cup butter, at room temperature
2 cups sugar
4 eggs
1 tsp. vanilla
3 cups flour
2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
grated zest and juice of a lemon, divided

1 cup milk, divided

Preheat oven to 375 F and line 24 muffin tins with paper liners.

In a large bowl, beat the butter, sugar and lemon zest (lemon juice comes later) with an electric mixer until light and fluffy.

Beat in the eggs one at a time, beating after each addition. Add the vanilla.

In a small bowl, stir together the flour, baking powder and salt.

Juice the lemon into a small dish and measure out the milk.

Add to the butter mixture a third at a time, alternating with half the milk and half the lemon juice after each of the first 2 additions of flour. Beat until just combined.

Fill the prepared tins and bake for 20 minutes or until set. Let cool completely before frosting.

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Raspberry Frosting

1 cup fresh raspberries (I used frozen; they were cheaper this time of year)
1 cup butter, at room temperature
3 to 5 cups powdered sugar
Pinch of salt (optional)

In the bowl of a food processor, puree the raspberries until smooth. If you do not the seeds, press the mixture through a sieve.

In a medium bowl, beat the butter and half the sugar until smooth. Add the raspberry puree, then more sugar until you have a fluffy, spreadable consistency. Add a splash of water, too if it needs it.

Happy Valentine’s Day – early!