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Wednesday, July 8, 2015


June was an exciting and busy month! Here's a little recap...

Family Vacation
Our family vacation was to Table Rock Lake outside of Branson, MO. While it rained everyday we were there, it was a very nice relaxing week. We swam almost every day, slept in and laughed a lot.

Now, the count down to our next vacation in September is on. I highly recommend always having a vacation booked - having something to look forward to just makes going to work that much easier.

Container Store

I got to go to a special blogger preview at our new Container Store. I drive by the new store everyday and I've been watching the construction closely. I was so excited for a sneak peek and it was everything I'd hoped for and more!

They told us a little bit about the company and what makes them different. Then we got a tour of the store. And, I've been 3 times since they opened June 27....it's dangerous.

Chewy Goodies

Henry's dreams came true. Henry and I are now part of the Chewy blogger family. What does this mean? It means that from time to time Henry will get special treats from Chewy and I'll share his (and my) honest feedback. It might be on the blog or on my social media channels.

Last month Henry tried the Natural Balance Dental Dog chews. They are larger than his normal treats so they take a little longer to eat. But once he was done with one he begged for another.

Henry pretty much destroys any toy we give him so he gets a lot of Nylabones (they last forever) and Kong toys. This KONG Squeezz Ball with Handle held up really well. Here's his initial reaction. He did start to tear apart the rope pretty quickly so after a few days we cut off the handle. The result - his most favorite squeaky ball ever. He's been playing fetch with it everyday since. And, when we don't want to play I get this face.

Kangaroo Knife Fight/Kongos

Kansas City is the best. There is always so many things to do and I know I don't take full advantage like I should. But, we did go to a free concert at Kansas City Live in the Power and Light District. It wasn't just any band - it was Kangaroo Knife Fight and they opened for Kongos. My fiend Laura's boyfriend is the guitarist for KKF. They have been playing all over Kansas City. You guys have to listen to them on iTunes and/or Spotify. They are great. It was such a fun night.

Well that was June. July's off to a fun start too. What have you been up to? 

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