Whatcha Makin' Now?: Sunday Shout-Out: Salted Whiskey Caramels


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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Shout-Out: Salted Whiskey Caramels

It’s Sunday Shout-Out time. There are so many talented, creative, and extraordinary bloggers making amazing goodies. And oh how I wish I had time to bake all the things that make me smile, and hungry. Instead of making the recipe, I’m going to share the scrumptious recipe post with you. Plus, it’s always fun to discover a new blog!

Let's talk about Leah of 'So, How's It Taste?' and her Salted Whiskey Caramels.  Jacob is a fan of whiskey (on ice or with a coke) so I thought of him right away.  He probably would be like - "Why are you wasting my Jake Daniels!?" but then he'd enjoy the final product.  I think these would be a perfect gift for that special guy in your life.  Maybe put in a little tin and add a fun glass and a bottle of Whiskey - perfect.

Photo Courtesy of So, How's It Taste?

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  1. Oh wow! My best friend is going to flip when I make these for her. Just in time for Christmas!


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