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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Whatcha Doin’ Now?: Penzeys Spices

I know I just shared with you my love of Ben Franklin, but this store is one that you actually could visit.  They have various locations in the US, online store, and you can request a catalog to flip through.  The catalog usually comes with a coupon for something free too!    

Penzeys Spices* offers more than 250 spices for any meal, side dish, or dessert you could think of.  The moment you walk in the door you are smacked in the face with the wonderful aromas.  The spices are nicely organized and each one offers clear ideas of how you could use that spice.  Most even have a takeaway recipe!  It’s just one of those places that you feel welcome and don’t want to leave.  The staff is super knowledgeable and will even suggest other ways to use the spices, mostly from their own experiences. 

Jake getting some grill seasoning advice from a staff member.

It’s easy to go overboard and end up with a full basket so maybe go in with a few key spices you know you’ll use.  Then maybe buy one or two that you just really want.  They sell small and large jars so that will help keep your spending down too.

Some of my favorites include...

Vanilla Extract
Almond Extract
Mexican Vanilla Extract
Cinnamon Sugar (So good on toast!)
Cake Spice
Baking Spice
Taco Seasoning
Chili Powder

I used the Mexican Vanilla Extract and a dash of the Baking Spice in my Pumpkin Cupcakes; I think that just took the overall flavor up a notch.

I love the recipe section on their website too.  

Where do you buy your spices?  What are the staples in your spice cabinet? 

*I was not paid or asked to write about good ol’ Penzeys.  I just wanted to share my experiences with ya.  J   

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