Saturday, December 20, 2014

Red Hot Frosted Sugar Cookies

Red Hot Frosted Sugar Cookies -

These Red Hot Frosted Sugar Cookies are the bee's knees. I love the punch of cinnamon mixed with a creamy frosting and sugar cookie. These are a prefect compliment to a Christmas Cookie Plate of sugar filled goodies.

Red Hot Frosted Sugar Cookies -

Monday, December 15, 2014

Classic Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies - #fbcookieswap

Classic Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies - #fbcookieswap
This is my most favorite of all of the Christmas cookies. My grandma always made these for me so making them brings back so many wonderful memories. Because they are so near and dear to my heart I knew they would be perfect for this year's #FBCookieSwap to benefit Cookies for Kids' Cancer.

I baked and mailed this peanut butter and chocolate goodies to My Life as Robin's Wife, Melanie Makes and Heather Likes Food.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

How is it December?!

*Keep scrolling for a sweepstakes!!*

Seriously. How is it already December. I woke up today and realized that Christmas is like 16 days away and I still have 95% of my shopping to do. Looks like I have plans this weekend.

Shopping for my nieces and nephews is the most fun. You can't go wrong with toys. But a few are getting pretty close to their tween years so the 'fun' might get a little harder in the coming years.

In our family we do pass along a wish list which does making the shopping a bit easier. I'm not one for surprises so this works in my favor too.

Henry has requested more tennis balls and new bones. I mean, how could anyone say no to this face?

My mom always asks for "peace on earth" which I've yet to find so she'll have to settle with a radio she can use while at the Nebraska Husker Football and Volleyball games.

My dad requested those people window decals for his truck but not of his two daughters....he wants my mom and their 3 dogs. Your wish is granted, dad.

My sister-in-law always gets us the most thoughtful gifts. But I think I found the most perfect thing for her this year. I can't say because she reads my blog. :)

Luckily I do have ideas for everyone so shopping shouldn't be too scary.

I always stick to a budget this time of year to make sure I don't overspend on one person and under spend on another - got to keep it fair! As much as I love technology I keep it pretty old school and make a written list of names, gift ideas, and then final price. I keep the list in an envelope with all of the gift receipts so everything is in one place. I've yet to forget someone so I think my system does the trick. ;)

What are your tricks for staying on budget this Christmas?

Oh....I almost forgot.... just kicked off The Good Stuff 2014 Holiday Sweepstakes and put together some amazing gift guides. They have a guide for budget friendly gifts, gifts for enthusiasts and hostess gifts. The sweepstakes will be for one $100 winner per week and one $500 grand prize winner! That sure would make my Christmas shopping a little easier. The sweepstakes runs from December 8, 2014 to December 25, 2014. Pop on over to enter!

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