Whatcha Makin' Now?: 1st Birthday Celebration.....mmmmm cake.


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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

1st Birthday Celebration.....mmmmm cake.

My little nephew, Grant, celebrated his 1st birthday this past weekend and it was so much fun!

I arrived at my sister’s house Friday afternoon to help her make the cake. She found a really cool cake design using fondant and was determined to make it. She is much craftier than me so I was more so there for moral support and sister bonding time. But I will say rolling out and covering cake with fondant is much easier with 2 people.

We also made Grant his own cake to kind of match the fancy cake.

My sister used fondant to make the animals for the main cake and for Grant’s little cake.

I made the Sugar Cookies just to make sure we had enough treats for everyone.  I used my favorite sugar cookie recipe and my loot from Sweet!

Over the course of the weekend I think I made 3 batches of my favorite frosting. By Sunday, my sister and I both agreed that we were very much ‘over’ cake and frosting.

Grant was a trooper on his big day! He loved his cake and all the frosting and still had energy to open his presents.

I do think I need to take a break from sweets for a couple weeks. After the sugar cookies, lemon cupcakes, cream bouquet discovery, it’s time for more salty treats and meals.  Hummm.....

Thanks for stopping by!  :)


  1. Wonderful decorating job! Wish I could have some of that cake. Looks terrific.


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